Monday, January 11, 2010


Ok ok, I've gotten a little off course. I know I said I'd tell you about being a military spouse - and instead I've just shown some pretty pictures, my spazzy kid, and that thing about the quilt. Perhaps I have blogger ADD?

So here's something semi-relevant.

I never imagined I'd need to learn a new language just to understand my husband, even considering his accent. Like little boys and their codes, the military loves acronyms that no one understands.

Here's a few that I really don't get:
  • TDY - Temporary Duty Yonder - this is when the military member will go to another base to work, but only for a short time ie less than a year. Really ... yonder???
  • HAWC - Health And Wellness Center. Is it really that hard to say Gym???
  • PCS - Permanent Change of Station. Otherwise known as a move.
  • MTF = Military Treatment Facility - Another big name, for the base clinic/hospital. 
 And a couple others you will see around my posts - 
  • BX - Base eXchange - the name of the large retail store on a base. It carries clothing, electronics, and other household items.
  • AFB/AB - Air Force Base or just Air Base if it is overseas.
  • ABU - Airmen Battle Uniform - the always sexy camouflaged uniform many of our Airmen wear.


WhisperingWriter January 15, 2010 at 6:22 PM  

*Dances* I already knew what all of those mean. Isn't being a military wife fun?

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