Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Some people say that they hate moving. Or they'll complain that they are too far from family. Or that they have trouble adjusting to the different customs that far flung places and people always have.

While I politely pretend to listen to these obviously deranged people, in my head I'm doing the crazy loopy finger by the head thing. I  mean come on, I rearrange my house weekly just to stave of boredom. Doesn't everyone?

In the last 5 1/2 years, Sarge and I have moved  no less than 4 times. Only once to a new assignment though. I just have a thing for moving boxes.

But the process involved to get those PCS (moving) orders is much like that old Plinko game on Price is Right. Where some goofy person with big dreams has to drop a tiny disc down a humongous board filled with pins and hope that it lands in the itty-bitty box far below that wins them the big prize.
Note: This is not the only way that someone might get orders, just the one we are currently dealing with.

First off, Sarge has to be at a base for a certain amount of time before I he can even dare hope to get his next assignment. This time frame can vary depending on a number of things. Like rank and career field.
- plink - plink -

And then they put up this list. Kind of like try-outs for the varsity team. It shows all the bases that have openings based on career and rank. So after looking at the possible places to go, Sarge can go and update his information saying where he'd like to go. That's called his "Dream Sheet". Notice the "Dream" part, that should be a sign to all us itchy-to-move spouses. And it should have lots and lots of neon. And flash.
- plink - plink -

Did I mention that he is competing against all the other people in his field, that are the same rank - who also need/want to move in the same time frame as him?
- plink - plink-
Then they match up people and bases while I he waits. It can be an agonizing month for poor Sarge. Hopeful for somewhere new and wonderful to wander off and explore.
- plinkity - plink - plink -
(I will always hate the futility of that game)

I'll be crossing every available appendage for the next few weeks, in the hopes that his little disc can find its way to the big prize box this time around. So that I can rearrange my furniture some place new.


WhisperingWriter February 4, 2010 at 6:42 PM  

You re-arrange your house? I don't do that. I'm lucky if I pick UP my house.

I really don't MIND moving per say--it's just I'm not the greatest traveler.

2good2forget February 4, 2010 at 11:45 PM  

Hi! I love to move! it's so exciting...I also love your blog, I emailed you :)

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