Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sarge was tasked to deploy to Haiti to help with the relief efforts. His 12 hour "Hurry Up" orders quickly turned to "Wait" and he spent quite a bit of time gearing up and helping his airmen prepare. 

Wait ... wait ... wait.

For a guy all about action it drove him nuts to have to sit on his hands for so long when there was a job to be done. He was finally put on a bus, and sent down to another base to wait some more. They waited for open seats on a plane that kept breaking.

Wait ... wait ... wait.

He'd send me texts every time he saw on the news that some celebrity or politician had been able to get down there. While he and his guys were told to wait. He was losing it.

So the kids and I drove the couple hours for a short visit. That lasted much longer than anticipated, as I was never ready to say good bye. We had to stick very close to the base. Which was hard for my wondering spirit as it was outside a very beautiful city.

We enjoyed our time with Sarge, and found a demonic frog slide. Always a plus for us.

We may not hear much from him for 6 months or so. Unless they keep telling him to wait that is.


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