Friday, January 1, 2010


When it comes to life as an Air Force spouse there are a lot of rules. But as far as They are concerned there is only one that matters.
Complete the Mission
(read that in your best James Earl Jones voice)

They could care less if you want to travel the world, or if you get stuck in a town that boasts one of the highest crime rates in the nation. They don't care if your family likes the available base housing; which is more than likely a 50's era duplex with 142 coats of paint on the walls and horrid hospital grade linoleum flooring that refuses to shine. And They don't care if your husband misses out on family life due to repeat deployments, tdy's, exercises, or because his schedule has him working six 12 hour shifts a week. They of course being the military institution.

My husband volunteered to serve our country. And like many of his fellow service men and women who've made a career out of their enlistments, it wasn't just so they could touch the cool ass jets. Even though that reason is always near the top of the list. No, Sarge is in it for the long haul because he believes in his mission. To fly, fight and win.

But fear not - we spouses have a mission too. To keep them happy, healthy and focused.
It's not that hard really. Feed them, treat them like kings, and push their happy butts out the door each day.

And now that he's headed down the drive whistling a little tune ... I think I'll go eat the last of the hidden ice cream. Oops - he heard that.


Brooke January 4, 2010 at 11:56 PM  

I'm intrigued as to what you will be writing on your blog.... My husband is also Air Force, and I completely understand this post! But... being former military myself, I know you just gotta do it! Good luck to you and your family!

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