Tuesday, December 29, 2009


As a kid I spent the summers outside, 24 hours of daylight tends to have that affect on people. During the long winters I was usually curled up next to our wood stove reading a book.  I grew up in one of the neatest places in the entire world. North Pole, Alaska.

With miles and miles of mountains and lakes, an abundance of wildlife to view, and Santa and so many wonderful people surrounding me - I grew up to be a fairly fun and fulfilled person. But something was missing in life. You know besides access to shopping, food that hadn't been harvested weeks too early, and a serious lack of sunshine 9 months out of the year.

When Sarge and I met, it was love at first sound. He had twang. An East Tennessee accent on a giant of a man with a pair of shoulders that made me wish I could swoon on demand just so he'd carry me around all day.

It wasn't long before we moved to our little cabin by the lake. Nine months and six days after we met we tied the knot in a tiny ceremony surrounded by flowers and the smell of the river. And that is when my wonderful and isolated little snow globe was shaken up. Life as an Air Force wife had begun.

We are now far from my beloved Alaska and have made it through multiple deployments and the other trials that military life can throw at a family. We've loved and laughed along with our son Sky and daughter Grace and ache daily from the loss of our boy Caden. We love a beer dog and his basset hound sidekick. We've discovered a love for travel and are always waiting for the next set of orders to take us to new places and people.

Life as a military wife can be bumpy on occasion, but I learned long ago that the best trails are never paved.



Welcome and thanks for checking out my new blog. I hope you like what you see and will come back again and take a trip down the military-family-life road now and again.

My goal for this blog is to be humorously informative about the journey one takes as a military spouse. It really is a wild ride. Between myself and many good friends, there are loads of topics to cover and stories to tell.

Whether your new to the military life, a few years in, an old hand, or just a curious civilian please feel free to contact me with any of your thoughts or questions. I really would love to hear from you.


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